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March 18th – Resources

We had a very quiet chat this evening – undoubtedly due to the allure of Spring Break and upcoming end-of-semester! We discussed resources and how we decide what is valuable in our teaching practice. Student teachers are always looking for ideas, and we are certain you will find a gem in our discussion archive.

Next week, we are very excited to discuss Building Community in an Established Classroom! This is everything you ever wanted to know about going into your first practicum and how to build relationships with your students. We have been privileged in the past to have our amazing mentor teachers pop in to share their ideas, and we hope to pick their brains this evening!

Join us on Tuesday, March 25th at 6PM PST! All are welcome!


March 11th, 2014 – Practicums

On March 11th, our second chat, we talked about practicums. Over the course of the hour we had about 15 people stop by to take part in the conversation. It’s great to see more student teachers and mentors taking part.

Archive Link:

Want your say in the conversation? Comment below with your answer to the questions:

Tell us a bit about your practicum – grade, subject, district? How will you build relationships with your students? How do you plan to involve yourself in the school community? What are you excited about and what do you anticipate as a challenge? How will you personally know you have succeeded in this practicum?

We look forward to your answers!

March 4th, 2014 – Teacher Education Programs and Introductions

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For our very first chat, we covered introductions and teacher education programs across the province. We got the sense of what student teachers enjoyed about their program, including kind staff and professors, and what could be improved, such as the amount of hands-on experience received.

Want your say in the conversation? Comment below with your answer to the question:

Let’s talk about your education program. Why did you choose it? Has it lived up to your expectations? Who is someone you look up to in your education program? Anything else you’d like to say about your program?

We look forward to your answers!