About #bcstuteach

#BCStuTeach is a community designed to connect pre-service educators across British Columbia. We have a Twitter chat on Tuesdays from 6-7pm Pacific.

The tag was founded by three student teachers from three different universities who met on Twitter.

Sarah is in her third year of the B.Ed program at Vancouver Island University.

Tristan is completing her B.Ed at the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island. She is specializing in Information Technology and French Immersion. Her passions include assessment for learning, gifted education, language immersion, and computer science in primary. She did her first practicum in a Montessori school as an FSL teacher, and is preparing for her second in Grade 6/7 French Immersion classroom.

Cassandra is currently doing the one year post-degree B.Ed program at the University of British Columbia. Her first degree was a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Northern British Columbia. It was work in science and outdoor education that called Cassandra to teaching. After a year of teaching English in an Acadian community in New Brunswick Cassandra discovered her passion for Canada’s official languages and is in the French Language and Global Studies B.Ed cohort. Her practicum is with a grade 5/6 class, and she is also teaching Core French to two grade 7 classes.


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